Watch Values
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The #1 email question I get is "what is my watch worth"

The market value of your watches is constantly changing.  There are three factors that will determine the value of an old watch:  They are:

1) How desirable the watch is.
2) The condition the watch is in
3) How much someone is actually willing to pay for it (Market Demand)

I get HUNDREDS of emails asking me 'What's My Watch Worth?'.  STOP!  I'm really sorry but I do NOT have time to answer these emails.  They get deleted without response....

If you are interested in a professional appraisal, please ship your watch (insured w/ tracking) along with a check or money order for $50 to:

Kevin James
PO Box 647
Syracuse, NY 13214

The Appraisal Certificate will contain a detailed description of the watch, the grade and/or calibre of the movement, number of jewels, case construction, weight, detailed photos,and will include the current replacement value for insurance purposes.  If you have questions about this service ONLY please email me:

  Contact me for a Professional Appraisal

A Book is also available at your local Barnes and Noble, or  It is called "The Complete Price Guide to Watches", by Cooksley Shugart, Tom Engle, and Richard Gilbert.  It is very popular book among collectors and will help you determine an estimate of what your watch is worth.  Again, the true "value" of a watch is what someone is willing to pay you for it.  Books can only give an idea of the value.